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The Conference Organizing

The Conference Organizing:

For benefiting the cooperation of professors, researchers and university students in all over country and upon frequent request of researchers and participants and along with saving the costs and time of participants and increasing the quality of services, the conference will be held  in two stages. first stage is related to presenting all accepted papers as poster which will be held on 16, 17 May. as internet such that all the persons who have accepted papers as poster, refer to conference site according to schedule of presenting poster papers and will send and present poster file of their papers in hall of presenting papers. In this hall, all participants and reviewers of scientific committee can observe all the presented poster papers and if they have any question, they can raise their question and the paper presenter will reply the related question as online. So there is no need for physical attendance of persons whose papers are accepted as poster in conference and all the participants in conference can present their papers with referring to sire and receive subjects related to conference. The second stage of conference will be as attendance which will be held on 18 May. as attendance in place of holding conference providing report of holding process and paper presentation, presenting accepted papers as oral, summing up presented papers as poster in first stage, keynote speeches, specialized panels, training workshops, specialized fair, sightseeing and specialized tours, ending ceremonies and appreciating top persons of conference. All the persons who register in conference can attend in this stage of holding and participate in conference. Meanwhile attendance of all registered persons in conference in this stage is optional and there is no obligatory for participation in attendance stage.